Service Time Definition Service Price

Electrical Technician (PLC/Drives/Servos) 8Hrs/day 7 to 3 pm Mon - Fri $90/hour
Electrician Residential/commercial/Industrial 8Hrs/day 7 to 3 pm Mon - Fri $75/hour
Weekday Overtime Before 7 and after 3 pm X 1 ½ regular rate
Saturday Overtime 5 pm Friday to Midnight Saturday X 1 ½ regular rate
Sunday and Holiday Overtime 12:01 am to 11:59 pm X 2 Regular rate
Standard Travel Time See straight time per hour Regular rate
Overtime Travel See above for appropriate time As above
Standby Time Same as time billed above
In house repairs Time spent plus parts Regular rate
Engineering / Programming Please call

Minimum Billing:
The daily charge for filed service is 4 hours at the appropriate rate plus expenses

Cancellation Fee
If cancelled without notification or after technician has been dispatched a 2 hour charge will apply

Travel Time:
Travel time is defined as any time spent traveling to and from the jobsite from the Field Service Engineer’s Home/Office or from field Service Engineer job site.

Travel and Living Expenses:
Auto Mileage rate (company vehicle)--------- $ 0.85/Km
Public Transportation ---- at cost**
Lodging meals, phone, misc. etc. --- at cost
** a 10% handling fee will be added to actual cost
Terms and Conditions Canada

The following terms and conditions apply to all service which Designernet Inc. (Dnet Inc.) provides, either by direct employees or contracts to an independent third party, and the service is to be performed by visitation to the customer’s facility; the customer understands that the terms and conditions set below shall be controlled, and any other or addition terms and conditions signed or unsigned can have no effect. Service shall be provided under these terms and conditions only
Price / Payments / Taxes
The price for service will be at the rate published or agreed upon by Designernet Inc. and in effect at the time the service is performed. Terms are cash net 30 days. Designernet Inc. has no obligation to a customer with 30 days past due balance.
Taxes as required will be added to invoices, all service rates listed do not include taxes or fees.
Terms and Conditions on the sale of services

1- Service is sold on a “best effort” only basis. There are no guarantee that a service engineer will fix the problem, but is time and expenses are still due

2- The purchaser of the service must provide all the necessary labor, parts, tools instruments, materials and whatever else is necessary to do the startup, maintenance, or service that is being requested. Designernet Inc. will only provide technical assistance under the above condition. If work require falls under electrician, then technician will bring is own tools and instruments except if the tools or instruments required are specific to the job being done.

3- The rates of service are the rate current at the time of service is performed.

4- Parts, material, supplies, test instruments, or rental supplied by Designernet Inc. for the service to be perform are billable to the prevailing rates published at the time.

5- Designernet Inc. provides no warranty either implied or expressed in conjunction with service.

6- Any changes in these terms and conditions must be in writing by an officer of Designernet Inc. and the buyer prior to the sale of equipment. If there is none, then the standard terms and conditions prevail.
7- Designernet Inc. will maintains the following insurance coverage:

i. Worker compensation and Employee’s Liability insurance
ii. Comprehensive and General Liability
iii. Auto Liability and Property damage
8- Designernet Inc. filed engineers or representative are not requested and authorized to sign gate passes or similar documents. That will impose indemnities of any sort on Designernet Inc.
9- Designernet Inc. in no event will be liable for any special or ordinary liabilities or damage, incidental or penal, arising for this service, be it as a result of breach of contract, warranty, test, (including negligence), strict liability or otherwise.
10- Designernet Inc. will not be made liable for any gratuitous information or assistance whatsoever given by any of it’s filed engineers or contracted third party service people, concerning parts, products, or service supplied by them